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  • Rosehip Extract
    Rosehip Extract

    It is the accessory fruit of the rose plant. It is typically red to orange, but ranges from dark purple to black in some species

  • Spirulina Powder
    Spirulina Powder

    Spirulina's algal filaments are 200-500μm long and 5-10μm wide. Under the microscope

  • Black Pepper Extract
    Black Pepper Extract

    Black Pepper plant is a perennial woody vine growing up to 4 m in height on supporting trees, poles, or trellises

  • Polyporus Umbellatus Extract
    Polyporus Umbellatus Extract

    The sclerotium is buried underground, it is irregular, the surface is bumpy, lumpy, shrunken, dark brown

  • Poria Cocos Extract
    Poria Cocos Extract

    Fruiting body is on sclerotia, annual, flat and adnexal. The surface of the orifice is white and then turns to light brown