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World Well-Being/Yam Extract/Diosgenin 6-98%/Yam Powder/Dioscorea Oppositae Thunb

Product Name:Wild Yam Extract
Botanical Source: Dioscorea Opposita Thunb
Part Used: Root
CAS No.: 512-04-9
Specification: Diosgenine 6%, 10% 16%, 20% By HPLC

Product Description

Wild Yam Extract which is an extract whose main component is Diosgenin, is considered a hormone Phytoestrogen, a kind of moisturizer, softens the skin. Helps restore the skin to be smooth, firm.

Diosgenin is considered a hormone. Phytoestrogen, a kind of moisturizer, softens the skin. It helps restore the skin to be smooth, firm and firm, and also helps to retain moisture for the skin. For radiant, hydrated skin


Diosgenin with properties similar to female sex hormones (Phytoestrogen) Diosgenin can be converted into a hormone Progesterone, restoring and strengthening skin cells. Helps the skin to be firmer, firmer, smoother. Ready to help retain moisture to the skin. Radiant, hydrated skin


Diosgenin also has important properties. is to reduce skin irritation look like corticosteroid but is safe and does not contain steroids.

Chemical Composition

Wild Yam Extract Powdered wild yam extract with the purity of Diosgenin (active ingredient extracted from wild yam) up to 95%.