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Food Additives

  • Macleaya Cordata Extract
    Macleaya Cordata Extract

    Macleaya is a vigorous rhizomatous perennial that grows to 5-8’ tall. It is noted for its attractive flower panicles, large scalloped leaves and spreading habit

  • Broccoli Extract
    Broccoli Extract

    Broccoli is a glabrous, erect, annual, or biennial herb sized 80–130 cm tall found growing in cool, moist sub-temperate climate. Normally it prefers well-drained, fertile loamy

  • Black Sesame Extract
    Black Sesame Extract

    An annual herb with four-sided stems and hairy surfaces. The leaves are opposite, the upper leaves are narrowly lanceolate, entire, the middle leaves are oval or long ovate

  • Auricularia Auricula Extract
    Auricularia Auricula Extract

    Fruiting Body: Wavy and irregular; often more or less ear-shaped but sometimes oval, elliptical, fan-shaped, cup-shaped, or irregular in outline

  • Maca Extract
    Maca Extract

    Maca root is small in size, averaging 2–7 cm in diameter, and varies significantly in shape from spherical, ovate, triangular, to rectangular