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Artichoke Extract - Clinically Proven Liver Support

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Artichoke is a highly nutritious health vegetable.Regular consumption can protect the liver and kidneys and enhance the detoxification function of the liver. It has the effects of promoting amino acid metabolism, lowering cholesterol, treating indigestion, improving gastrointestinal function, preventing arteriosclerosis,and protecting cardiovascular systems, and clinical studies have shown that high doses of artichoke will not cause adverse effects. Polyphenols are one of the active ingredients that play a role. For example, chlorogenic acid has various physiological effects such as lowering blood pressure, anti-tumor, enhancing the body's immunity, and protecting the liver. Another report pointed out that chlorogenic acid has a good anti-hepatic fibrosis effect.

The liver is the most versatile and complex organ in the human body, and it is also one of the important organs involved in nutritional metabolism.Only when the "liver" is purified can our body be cleaner and run more efficiently.

Warm Reminder

Liver care is a long-term project.By adhering to good living habits,doing necessary reviews every 3 to 6 months, and paying attention to and strengthening the body's own health mechanisms, we will be able to use stronger self-regulation and self-healing abilities and challenges to disease.