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World Well-Being/Plant Extract/Health Food/Coix Seed Power 30: 1 50: 1/Coix Seed Extract

Product Description
Model NO.
off-White to Light Yellow
Latin Name
Coix Lacryma-Jobi
Product Name
Coix Seed Extract
Transport Package
30: 1 50: 1
World Well-being
Production Capacity

Coix seed,also known as Job's Tears, is considered to be a nutritious food in Asia.  It can be taken to treat high cholesterol, hay fever, arthritis, obesity and respiratory tract infections.  It can also be taken to treat toxoplamosis.  It is purported to inhibit cancer cell growth.

Chemical Composition
  1. It contains proteolytic enzymes that softens the keratin layers of our skin making our skin softer and smoother over time, resulting in less wrinkles and also gets rid of dark spots and blemishes.

  2. Regular consumption leads to improved hydration of skin, has whitening effects and our skin will become more delicate and finer.

  3. It also helps to improve acne conditions by reducing acne breakouts.

  4. It is rich in Vitamins B and minerals, commonly ground into powder form, it can be taken both orally or applied externally as a face mask for its whitening effects. Vit B1 in particular helps to reduce black heads, lighten dark spots and reduces pore size.

  5. It helps to reduce skin allergy conditions and sensitivity.

Health Benefits
  1. Reduce swelling, water retention

  2. High in fiber, aids weight loss

  3. May help to reduce cholesterol levels