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Cyanoitis Vaga Extract

● Product Name: Cyanoitis Vaga Extract

● Specifications: Beta-Ecdysone 10%-98%

Product Description

● Cyanoitis Vaga Extract also named hydroxyecdysone, is extracted from the root of Cyanotis Arachnoidea, appearance is light yellow to white crystal powder different from the purity.Cyanoitis Vaga Extract significantly increased by amino acids, protein chains to assemble into stimulating muscle cells in the cytoplasm of protein synthesis, and the ability to grow into proteins and migration process. Cyanoitis Vaga Extract not only are beneficial to the health, which helps to stability in the safety of cortisol damage cell, make energy synthesis (ATP and muscle normalization procedure and improve liver function and peptide) quickly adapt to the organic physical environment and pressure changes.Cyanoitis Vaga Extract is used to improve work ability, immune function, weight loss and low fat aspects have been reported problems.

Chemical Composition

● The whole plant of Dew Grass mainly contains phytosterone compounds, including 26 phytosterone components. Beta-ecdysterone, Alfa-ecdysterone, toxysterone, and podosterone, among which Beta-ecdysterone has the highest content. Ecdysone HPLC ≥ 60% (mostly 90, 95) is used for human health care, making tablets, capsules, etc., with the effect of increasing muscle protein, athlete health care, etc.; ecdysone HPLC ≥ 50%, aquaculture; ecdysone HPLC ≥ 98% Crystal powder, cosmetics.

Health Benefits

● Cyanoitis Vaga Extract can increase strength and endurance.

● Cyanoitis Vaga Extract has effect on improving the liver function.

● Cyanoitis Vaga Extract can maximize muscle mass and stimulate fat-burning capabilities.

● Cyanoitis Vaga Extract has function of enhancing protein the amino acid to produce protein.


● Cyanoitis Vaga Extract applied in pharmaceutical field, it can be used to improving the body function.

● Cyanoitis Vaga Extractapplied as health care products, it is used to enhancing protein the amino acid to produce protein.

● Cyanoitis Vaga Extract applied as comestics, it can enhance the metabolism of cells and activation of the active substance, has the good skin whitening effect.

● Cyanoitis Vaga Extract applied in breeding industry, it can reduce the fighting between individuals and improve the survival rate of breeding.