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Inulin Powder
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Inulin Powder 95%
World Well-being
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Inulin is a soluble prebiotic fiber that is naturally occurring in a variety of plants and vegetables like agave', garlic, onions, oats, and chicory root.  

This inulin powder is derived from chicory root and is unflavored. It has been shown to feed and repair the gut microbiome, specifically Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which can improve gut health.

Inulin has also been shown to aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, and may help prevent over-eating.

Chemical Composition

Inulin is a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber produced by chicory plants root, also a natural carbohydrate, almost not to be acid hydrolysis and digestion. Just like starch, inulin fiber is a way that is used by these plants to reserve energy. Industrially, it is most often extracted from sunchoke and chicory root. It is a group of polysaccharides that are primarily long chains of fructose with a few glucose units. It is kind of natural fructose compound with DP (Degree of Polymerization) ranges from 2 to 60.

Health Benefits

Naturally occurring soluble fiber.*
Helps stabilize Blood Sugar levels.*
Supports digestive health.*
Contributes to a healthy colon.*
Benefits overall health & wellness.*