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Hunan World Well-being Biotech Co.,Ltd. is located in Shimen Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is known as "the hometown of orange & tea". It covers an area of more than 4.95 acres. We produce all kinds of Standardized Extract & Ratio Extract from Chinese Herbal, Fruit &Vegetable Powder, Instant Tea Powder, Mushroom powder and other products, which are wdely used in medicine, healthcare products, food, cosmetics and feed industry.

  • Luo Han Guo Extract
    Luo Han Guo Extract

    Monk Fruit vine attains a length of 3–5 m, climbing over other plants by means of tendrils which twine around anything they touch. The narrow, heart-shaped leaves are 10–20 cm long

  • Green Tea Extract
    Green Tea Extract

    Tea is native to East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and Southeast Asia, but it is today cultivated across the world in tropical and subtropical regions

  • Sophora Root Extract
    Sophora Root Extract

    Subshrub. The root is terete with yellow skin. The stems and branches have irregular longitudinal grooves and are covered with yellow fine hairs when they are young

  • Magnolia Bark Extract
    Magnolia Bark Extract

    Deciduous trees. The bark is purple-brown, and the young branches are light yellow with silky hairs. Single leaves alternate, densely branched apex

  • Notoginseng Extract
    Notoginseng Extract

    Panax notoginseng is a species of the genus Panax, and the family of ginseng plants is one of the best-known herbs.P. notoginseng grows naturally in China