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Great Pricing on new arrivlas! ---Rutin(95% UV/HPLC)!

November 17,2023

--Hunan World Well-Being Bio-tech Co.,Ltd

What is rutin? What health benefits does it have?


It has pharmacological benefits in treating many chronic diseases,including diabetes,high blood pressure,high cholesterol,and cancer.
It is also a hot topic in medical research for diseases related to the heart,brain and skin.
So next,Let’s get to know it together.

What is rutin?


A molecule of rutin,  after removing a molecule of rhamnose and glucose, becomes quercetin, that is, quercetin is the aglycone of rutin.

Rutin is a polyphenol (flavonoid compound), which is also known as vitamin P and can be extracted from many plants and fruits, most citrus fruits, buckwheat, and green tea.

Rutin health benefits

→Promote heart health

Rutin can help maintain blood vessel elasticity, reduce blood vessel fragility, reduce capillary permeability, and prevent complications caused by hypertension.

→Relieve arthritis symptoms

Rutin improved joint surface tissue formation, improved cartilage and bone erosion, and reduced inflammation, suggesting a protective effect against rheumatoid arthritis.

→Help fight cancer

Rutin can be used as an aid in the fight against cancer due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It has also been shown to induce apoptosis, or cancer cell death, and exhibit anti-tumor effects.

→Prevent metabolic diseases

Research shows that rutin can inhibit increases in fasting blood sugar, insulin levels and blood pressure, protecting us from metabolic syndrome as we age.


→Protect brain health

Protects brain health by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines, improving antioxidant enzyme activity, and restoring intracellular mitochondrial complex enzyme activity.

→Prevent blood clots

Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot in an artery or vein, and deep vein thrombosis is particularly dangerous because it can lead to
life-threatening complications such as stroke and heart attack.Rutin inhibits protein disulfide isomerase (PDI), which is rapidly secreted from our platelets and endothelial cells during thrombosis.


→Protect lung health

Rutin can prevent pulmonary fibrosis, reduce lung malondialdehyde content, increase lung glutathione content, superoxide dismutase activity, serum total antioxidant capacity, and reduce lung inflammatory markers.

→Improve blood circulation

In traditional medicine, rutin is known for its ability to strengthen blood vessels and improve blood circulation. It is used to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, relieve hemorrhoids, and prevent hemorrhagic strokes caused by fractures of veins or arteries.